About Boxfresh

Created in 1989, at a time when fashion was a mixing pot of cultural tribes – goths, punks, mods, skinheads, new romantics. And they all had a uniform. But for the rest of us, casual wear was dull, middle of the road and unevolved. Boxfresh was our retaliation to this. Fuelled by a fresh attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit, we began making customized prints on vintage stock tees – a unique use of creative fusion. We were a small part in this new wave emerging, stemming directly from the streets and the people that walked them. A small spark igniting the rise of streetwear as we know it.

As our name suggests, we’re obsessed with shoes. We’re obsessed with the process of making, designing, refining what we do. Questioning and re-evaluating every process, every material, every detail we craft. We are inspired by the cities we grow, live and work in.

Almost 30 years on and yes we’ve evolved. We’re a little less loud, more refined. But at our core though not much has changed, we’re still a small team fuelled by our passion for making great products for people to love.

We take pride in doing the simple things well. Still obsessed by the process. Obsessed by the details. Every shoe is built with this detail. Every shoe is a reflection of this story. This is us. What we did, and what we do.